Over a decade of experience, with the company of excellent musicians and engineers.

About Dhruv

Dhruv is a versatile music composer, sound designer, recording engineer, and producer with a passion for creating immersive soundscapes and impactful electronic and orchestral music. With over 10 years of experience, he has collaborated with Grammy-winning engineers and artists, learning from their expertise.

Dhruv holds a bachelor's degree in music production, augmenting his technical prowess. Inspired by diverse cultures from his time in India and Berlin, he embraces new technologies and seeks innovative projects in games, movies, and TV shows.

With dedication and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Dhruv aims to leave a lasting mark in the Indian music industry, delivering captivating auditory experiences that resonate worldwide.

About Dhruv

With collaboration being the driving force of my work, I aim to use all the skills as my disposal to bring your vision into reality. I'd love to know more about your projects and answer all your questions!